Thursday, September 26, 2013

Breaking Bad - Top 5 Episodes

#4 - One Minute

Image Credit: AMC; Designed by Jef Castro
The title refers to Uncle Tio's question as to how much longer Marco has to live under water. "One minute?" It also refers to how much time Hank has until the Salamanca brothers attack.

When Hank receives the call regarding the attempt on his life, the clock reads "3:07." This episode is number 3x07.

The trucker that the cousins purchase the vests from drives a replica of the Kenworth that appeared on the show B.J. and the Bear.

It has been hinted that Gus's future head enforcer Tyrus Kitt was the mysterious caller who warned

Hank about the Cousins just moments before the planned assassination. However, It was actually Gus himself who warned Hank about the attack.

The final scene between Hank and Marco is replicated in the finale cutscene of the Gameloft's third person shooter 9mm.'

Dean Norris said the scene where he is talking to Marie and tells her basically he isn't the man she thinks he is was the most affectionate scene for him, because he almost had his head chopped off by an axe afterwards.