Friday, October 26, 2012

The Faces - 1972

Live on BBC Crown Jewels

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Simple Math

Gene Simmons + Worf = This Guy! 

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Panhead Apehangers

'64 FL Wishbone frame
80" motor
18" apehangers

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Monday, October 22, 2012


'45 Springer
Powdercoated Flathead
9" over stock
Raked 40 degrees

Rosco P. Coltrane Legacy

There's a lil' Rosco in all of us..."Coot, coot!"

La Guerra De Los Luchadores - El Jefe Vador

Ever ask yourself, "I wonder what it would have been like if Star Wars was originally a low-budget Mexican luchador movie?"
This print is for the Art Wars: Intergalactic Art Show. It's a one night only show October 11th from 6-10 at Kidrobot NY.

12"x18" Giclée print. $40 each.

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Led Zeppelin - 1970

Live at the Royal Albert Hall  (Full Concert)

  • 00:27 We're Gonna Groove (James A. Bethea, Ben E. King)
  • 03:40 I Can't Quit You Baby (Willie Dixon)
  • 10:36 Dazed and Confused (Jimmy Page)
  • 26:09 White Summer (Page)
  • 38:32 What Is and What Should Never Be (Page, Robert Plant)
  • 43:11 How Many More Times (John Bonham, John Paul Jones, Page)
  • 1:03:28 Moby Dick (Bonham, Jones, Page)
  • 1:18:49 Whole Lotta Love (Bonham, Dixon, Jones, Page, Plant)
  • 1:25:13 Communication Breakdown (Bonham, Jones, Page)
  • 1:29:29 C'mon Everybody (Jerry Capehart, Eddie Cochran)
  • 1:32:00 Somethin' Else (Bob Cochran, Sharon Sheeley)
  • 1:34:10 Bring It On Home (Bonham, Dixon, Jones, Page, Plant)

Stone House - Fafe, Portugal

Casa do Penedo, aka Flintstones House, aka Stone House.

Located on Serra de Fafe (Fafe mountain), Portugal. Built in the spring of 1972, its walls were built amongst the giant boulders that scatter the mountain tops.

The house is entirely constructed of stone, with the exception of the windows,  doors & chimney pipe. The windows are triple-paned & bullet-proof, the door is steal reinforced.

Inside, the furniture, stairs and handrails made of eucalyptus trunks complete the rustic look. The sofa weighs 350 pounds, as is done in concrete and eucalyptus wood.

Surrounded by EDP wind turbines and a dirt road, the resident has a main house, along with a woodshed which acts a water source by collecting rain water from its roof.