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T'is The Season To Give.

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Good Bye 5Pointz

NYC - What was once the mecca for graffiti art is no more.

The Wolkoff family, who own the building in Queens nicknamed "5Pointz" covered more than a decade's worth of spray-paint art in the middle of the night. Artists likened it to an act of vandalism, as they had fought to have the building designated a landmark.

The area is scheduled to be developed into luxury condominiums. More than 1,500 artists reportedly used the 5Pointz warehouse as a canvas, turning the formerly derelict brick building into a tourist attraction.

The building is set for demolition by the end of the year as part of a $400m project to build more than 1,000 luxury apartments, the New York Times reports.

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Sidewalk Philosophy

Courtesy of your friendly neighborhood sandwich board.

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VESPA - Daniela Wooden Scooter

Carpintaria Carlos Alberto


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Memo From the Sports Desk

Hunter S. Thompson

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Breaking Bad - Top 5 Episodes

#1 - 4 Days Out
Image Credit: AMC; Designed by Jef Castro
The title is a reference to the length of time Walt had to wait for his test results, as well as how long he was stranded out in the desert with Jesse.

At the beginning of the episode, Saul Goodman suggests that Walt is aspiring to become a Vito Corleone-style figure in the underworld, but then suggests instead that he's more akin to Fredo Corleone; Vito's hapless son. At the end of the episode, when Walt receives his test results, Hank inadvertently implies that he is in fact Michael Corleone, by quoting a famous line from The Godfather Part III; "Just when I thought I was out... they pull me back in!"

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Breaking Bad - Top 5 Episodes

#2 - Face Off

Many months of preparation took place for the the visual effect of Gustavo Fring's facial wounds, with assistance from the special effects team from the AMC drama The Walking Dead. In order to produce the effect, elaborate makeup was used on Giancarlo Esposito's face, and combined with computer-generated imagery that took two seperate shots and combined them in post production.

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Breaking Bad - Top 5 Episodes

#3 - Ozymandias

Image Credit: AMC; Designed by Jef Castro
The episode is named after the 1818 poem by Percy Bysshe Shelley about the inevitable fall of kings and empires.

Hank Schrader is the third main character to die.

The posture Walter gets into after Hank's death is similar to Gus's posture after Max Arciniega's death. Walt and Hank are also brother-in-laws, just like Gus and Max were brothers in some form or another. This is also reminiscent of a picture portrayal of the poem "Ozymandias".
The pair of pants Walt passes while rolling his barrel are the same pants he lost while driving the RV, at the beginning of the pilot episode.

The final shot is a stray dog crossing Walt's path away. As Gale was the "Problem Dog" and Jesse the "Rabid Dog", Walt has become the "Stray Dog" having effectively lost his home and family

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    Breaking Bad - Top 5 Episodes

    #4 - One Minute

    Image Credit: AMC; Designed by Jef Castro
    The title refers to Uncle Tio's question as to how much longer Marco has to live under water. "One minute?" It also refers to how much time Hank has until the Salamanca brothers attack.

    When Hank receives the call regarding the attempt on his life, the clock reads "3:07." This episode is number 3x07.

    The trucker that the cousins purchase the vests from drives a replica of the Kenworth that appeared on the show B.J. and the Bear.

    It has been hinted that Gus's future head enforcer Tyrus Kitt was the mysterious caller who warned

    Hank about the Cousins just moments before the planned assassination. However, It was actually Gus himself who warned Hank about the attack.

    The final scene between Hank and Marco is replicated in the finale cutscene of the Gameloft's third person shooter 9mm.'

    Dean Norris said the scene where he is talking to Marie and tells her basically he isn't the man she thinks he is was the most affectionate scene for him, because he almost had his head chopped off by an axe afterwards.

    Breaking Bad - Top 5 Episodes

    #5 - FLY

    Image Credit: AMC; Designed by Jef Castro

    According to creator Vince Gilligan, this was a "bottle episode." Because the season was already "hopelessly over budget," it became necessary to create an episode with minimal production costs. By filming in one location and using the fewest number of actors in the series to date, "Fly" cost substantially less than the average episode. 

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    Custom Bianchi Single-Speed Road Bike

    Took an older Bianchi frame from the early 80's & rebuilt it as this single-speed road bike.

    Shimano freewheel hub on a 26" x 1.75 rim & tire.

    Cord handgrips, simple old-school levels.

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    Time Abroad.

    Vacation Rental.

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    Fidel Castro’s Long Lost Interview

    In 1959, just a few weeks after he came to power, Fidel Castro spoke candidly with American journalist Clark Hewitt Galloway about the importance of the Cuban Revolution, his feelings on the Guantanamo Bay Naval Base, and most interesting of all, how he was not a communist.

     “The Twenty-sixth of July Movement is…not a communist movement and it differs from communism in several respects.” - Fidel Castro

    The long lost interview was originally recorded for an article in U.S. News & World and Report, and was recently discovered by Galloway’s granddaughter.

    The animated video is part of the PBS Digital Studios series Blank On Blank.

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    Pacific Rim Envy

    Atlantic Rim ...

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    Metric Conversion Table

    Inches & fractions to millimeters. What more can you ask for? Scroll to the bottom for torque conversions factors.

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    Red Cell - Dick Marcinko

    Back in 1990, one of the founding members of SEAL Team 6 was sentenced to prison for his role in a mission that exposed security lapses at sensitive military installations. That Navy captain, Richard Marcinko, spoke to Mike Wallace in 1992 for a 60 Minutes investigation of Red Cell, the group of "terrorists" led by Marcinko that captured a U.S. nuclear submarine, kidnapped U.S. admirals, and even targeted Air Force One.
    Marcinko has claimed, among other things, that Red Cell successfully captured nuclear devices from United States Navy facilities, and proved the viability of plans to:
    • penetrate and attack nuclear-powered submarines
    • destroy subs by using them as dirty bombs
    • capture launch codes for nuclear weapons aboard the subs by using mild torture techniques on personnel in charge of launch codes.

    Former members of Red Cell maintain that these exercises were a cover to move SPECWAR operators around the world for covert missions against real-world terrorists. Commander Marcinko retired from the Navy on February 1, 1989 with thirty years, three months and 17 days of enlisted and commissioned active duty service.

    As you'll see in the report above, Marcinko maintained that he was singled out for prosecution because he embarrassed Navy officials, despite the harsh tactics he and his team employed.

    Read more about Red Cell HERE.

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    Hipster Fidel

    Communism at its core is ironic.

    Save Our Seafarers - Somali Pirate Map

    Live piracy map illustrates piracy across the global.
    Click HERE.

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    Police Copter Shootout - Rio de Janerio

    Police shootout in the streets of Rio de Janeiro. Police helicopter opens fire on drug dealer, which he drives in the streets of Rio.
    Video shows police shooting from the aircraft at a height between 50 - 125ft.

    You can see other criminals running close to the car where the drug dealer lies dead with weapons in their hands, shooting the helicopter several times. The favela's region is called "gaza strip" because it is between 2 distinct favelas where distinct drug dealers and cartels shot each other at night, with the region right in the middle.

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    The Ricky Gervais Guide To Work

    A good resource guide to work practice.
    1. Never walk without a document in your hands
    People with documents in their hands look like hardworking employees heading for important meetings. People with nothing in their hands look like they're heading for the canteen. People with a newspaper in their hand look like they're heading for the toilet. Above all, make sure you carry loads of stuff home with you at night, thus generating the false impression that you work longer hours than you do! 

    Source: HERE.