Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Old School Scooter

Love the full-size spare.

How Fast Was I Going Officer? COLUMBUS -- The Ohio Highway Patrol has opened an investigation into why a Granville Post trooper turned off his microphone after stopping two law enforcement officers speeding at almost 150 mph.

On Friday, the patrol released video showing the June traffic stop on Interstate 70 near Buckeye Lake.

The stop led to citations for Trooper Jason Highsmith, who was caught traveling on his motorcycle at 147 mph, and Gahanna Police Officer Christopher Thomas, who was caught traveling 149 mph.

Midway through the video, Granville Post Trooper Bryan Lee turns off the sound after a second on-duty trooper leaves the scene.

Lt. Tony Bradshaw, a patrol spokesman, said the patrol has a policy on both the video and audio during traffic stops, and the investigation will look into why that policy was violated.

An investigation will not be opened into Highsmith's actions, however, until the judicial process is complete.

A third rider was not caught by the patrol plane monitoring the highway.

Highsmith has hired Columbus attorney Samuel Shamansky after pleading not guilty to the minor misdemeanor. The decision could be because Licking County Municipal Court Judge David Branstool told him he could suspend Highsmith's license upon conviction.

Thomas has requested a continuance for his arraignment, which was scheduled for today.

lucy you got some splainin to do!!!