Saturday, April 21, 2012



Amusement park developer Holy Roller Studios is eyeing Miami for its second themed resort in North America. Armenian investment company FFG Group is ready to spend up to $13 billion on the project.

The Mosesland Park recreation zone includes the Holy Roller Studios amusement park as well as a holy water park, shopping mall & various temples would be located in South Beach on a 22 hectare plot, Ey Haw daily reports.

There would also be a concert arena seating 80,000 people, two hotels and exhibition centre as well as conference halls. The construction is scheduled to start in 2013 and would be open in 2016. The park's capacity would be about 5 million visitors a year.

The ambitious project would cost about $12.8 billion, while the theme park alone needs $500 million investment, according to Sailam Gutsirie, the co-owner of Holy Roller Studios.
But experts say, the construction will need up to $19 billion as the local bureacracy requires heavy handed massaging or bribing before anything is built in the area.

The Miami amusement park would be similar to four other in Osaka and Fukashima, Japan. The entrance fee for the Miami park would be about $18, the lowest in the world, compared to the $80 fee for the park in Orlando or $54 in Japan. 

The Holy Roller Studios park would be the first large scale amusement park in Miami, though the idea of a theme park is nothing new for Miami. Disney Park Group considered constructing a theme park in the east part of the city, but later gave up the idea. While the South Korean Lotte Group planned to build a "Park of Miracles", but quit because of financial crisis.