Wednesday, March 23, 2011

The Losers - 1970

One of the first movies about the Vietnam war The Losers, filmed in 1970, follows The Devil's Advocates as they attempt to rescue a captured CIA operative from a highly-fortified Red Chinese compound in Cambodia at the height of the Vietnam War. C.I.A. operative Chet Davis is a prisoner being kept over the border in Cambodia where U.S. soldiers are not permitted to go. Matt hires his brother Link and his "scooter trash" to retrieve Davis. Link, Duke and Dirty Denny are Viet vets. Duke has really returned to find his lost love. Dirty Denny is owed money as a partner in a bar/whore house. Our heroes deck out some "broads' bikes" (Yamahas) with armor, fill saddlebags with grenades and bravely take on the heavily armed compound where Davis is a prisoner. In the end, the three surviving bikers are captured. They escape with Davis, but are all killed, along with good Captain Jackson in the end while the less than honorable Davis survives.